DMEXCO 2019: Trust in you!

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One more year, Sibbo Ventures is attending to one of the most important digital events in Europe: DMEXCO 2019. One of the most important appointments where technologies, media, and advertisers are gathered and share the new trends in the digital market. An opportunity to share ideas, building new partnerships, and the perfect event to practice networking.

Looking beyond our borders does not only give us a boarder vision, it shows the good level of development, for example, in programmatic topics, of the Spanish market.

This year, it is significant the quote selected for this new edition “Trust in you”. Trust in you…in your skills for the new challenges we have ahead with the new trends of the market, according to Judith Kühn, Director of DMEXCO and member of the Council.

As Sibbo Ventures mentioned in the Programmatic Forum, celebrated at the beginning of the year, in its article “La Programática de las Personas”, technology, creativity, data, transparency… require new profiles, but people and their skills are key to generate value.

If you are excited about digital marketing world, we hope to see you there, 11th  and 12th  of September in Colonge (DMEXCO 2019).

Sibbo Ventures Team

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