ElNacional.cat is a catalan newspaper with a European and global vocation that assumes the values ​​of journalism as a tool to better explain and understand reality and its application in the digital environment.

In order to undertake a transformation of its current online advertising management system, Elnacional.cat has relied on Sibbo to update itself and adapt to the current and future needs of its advertisers.

The process included adserver migration, advice on the design of the tagging structure, generation of templates, header bidding configuration and connection with the different demand sources.

The consultancy developed adhoc for ElNacional.cat involved different profiles from Sibbo team who worked together to achieve all the milestones according to the planned schedule.

In order to continue contributing to the correct maintenance of the header bidding infrastructure and other needs required by Elnacional team, Sibbo will continue to offer technical support for all those needs that may arise.

Sibbo, an independent company founded in 2015, offers programmatic solutions in a transparent way, advising its clients on “best practices” and providing them with the latest advances in privacy with its CMP and in online profitability with its header bidding.

According to Albert Terradas, CEO ElNacional.cat, 

Sibbo made a notorious and excellent contribution to the migration of the adserver, as well as to the implementation of the prebid.js solution, showing great skills for managing a wide variety of tasks simultaneously and with a team of magnificent professionals in their field who, joining synergies, were able to carry out the process in the planned times and without incidents, I only have words of thanks for their undoubted professionalism and flexibility on a confidence basis.

Sibbo finished the project with results that have made it very easy to extend the technical support agreement with ElNacional.cat.

Without any doubt, Sibbo is a guarantee of success and confidence. “

For Agustín Pérez, CEO Sibbo,

“Being able to advise ElNacional.cat on its adserver migration as well as on the implementation of header bidding has been most satisfying given the professionalism and proactivity of its team and the easy of working with them. Without a doubt, it is a pleasure to be able to expand the collaboration and have clients of this level.”

ElNacional.cat, catalan newspaper with a European and global vocation, has relied on Sibbo to update itself and adapt to the current and future needs of its advertisers.


Services: Consultancy, Header Bidding, Adserver migration and Outsourcing