Streaming TV is growing, and the figures supports it.


Streaming TV refers to television content transmitted over the Internet, regardless of the device it is viewed on (CTV and OTT).

Let’s see how the user consumes it:

  • 44% of streaming users watch more streaming TV than last year, 51% watch the same amount, and only 6% watch less.
  • 8 out of 10 streaming users watch ad-supported content, which has driven streaming growth.
  • 76% say they would use a new free or low-cost streaming service based on advertising.
  • 62% remember TV ads compared to 19% for social media ads

Magnite Streaming Report 2023 in the EU5 markets (UK , Italy, France, Germany, and Spain)

In this context, CMPs (Consent Management Platforms) are essential to enable CTV and OTT devices to obtain user consent for the collection and use of their personal data for advertising and tracking.

In the case of CTV and OTT devices, its implementation is more complex than in the web environment and requires specialized support with knowledge of the environment.