The importance of “auction time out” in Prebid


“Auction timeout” is defined as the time set to coordinate header bidding activities. Publishers use this time to collect various bids. The key is to determine the right timeout value.

Determining the “Auction Timeout” is delicate and directly affects your potential revenue. The challenge lies in finding the right balance.
If it’s too long, users will abandon the page, resulting in revenue loss.
If it’s too short, there won’t be enough time for bids to be properly placed, and you won’t receive all the bids.

What should a publisher consider when setting this value?

  • User time spent on the page.
  • User connections.
  • Percentage of direct campaigns.
  • Number of connected bidders.
  • Value of different ad channels.

In summary, each publisher will have unique characteristics that determine their “auction timeout.” There is no single valid value. Conducting A/B tests and analysing their impact on revenue is the best way to determine the optimal value for each publisher.