What lies behind the acronyms we work with every day?


We are accustomed to working with SSPs, Trading Desks, Ad Servers, algorithms, but it is important to emphasize that despite all the talk about technology, creativity, brand safety, data, transparency, and fraud, there are PEOPLE and PROFESSIONALS behind it all in the industry.

  • Analytical profiles capable of interpreting data and drawing conclusions.
  • Statistical, mathematical, and programming profiles to capture trends and establish predictive models or algorithms that learn through artificial intelligence.
  • Technical profiles and developers who enhance the development and usage of ever-evolving technologies.
  • To keep up with the rapid pace of digital innovation, initiative, curiosity, critical thinking, adaptability to change, responsibility, and common sense are required. Quite a lot!

In essence, PEOPLE who question reality, who are not afraid of the new, who pull the thread when necessary and do so until the end. Those who have clear goals and responsibilities and know how to make decisions.