What is the purpose of TCF and how does it work?


The objective of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is to provide a standard way to manage the consent preferences of users for the use of their personal data by the website or app (mobile, TV, HBBTV) and by third party service providers.

It provides:

  • A policy
  • Technical specifications
  • Standardisation is critical because it provides a common language and set of rules for data processing activities.

Specifically, the benefits of using the TCF include:

  • Transparency: A CMP helps you to be transparent with your website visitors by informing them about the data you collect and how you use it.
  • Compliance: By using the TCF, website owners can ensure that they are collecting and processing user data in a transparent and lawful manner.
  • Improved user experience: Helps reduce the number of consent pop-ups and banners that users see, which can improve the user experience.
  • Trust: Users may feel uncomfortable sharing their data with a website that does not provide them with clear and transparent information about how their data will be used.
  • Reduced risk of fines and penalties: By using the TCF, website owners demonstrate that they are taking reasonable steps to protect users’ privacy.

In summary, transparency, GDPR compliance, improved user experience, and reduced risk of fines and penalties are the benefits of using the TCF.