The Importance of Naming Conventions in Your Ad Server


Do you waste time searching for campaigns in your adserver? Do you struggle to find the ad units associated with each advertising space? Is it difficult for you to analyse data in reports?

Naming conventions are a fundamental part of any ad server as they help streamline the management and optimization of advertising campaigns.

Advantages of standardizing naming conventions:

  • Quickly identify the type of element being referenced.
  • Facilitate the search for specific elements.
  • Improve efficiency in campaign creation and management through clear and structured naming conventions.
  • Enhance collaboration between different teams, avoiding confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Customization and standardization can be achieved by adding relevant information to the names, such as the year, position (top/right/center), site name, etc., for different concepts including campaign name, advertiser name, line items, orders, placements, and DIVs.

Maintaining proper naming conventions is essential in any ad server as it helps improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing advertising campaigns. It is important to establish clear and consistent naming conventions from the beginning to avoid issues in the future.