Sibbo Ventures launches Header Bidding Dashboard

by Apr 18, 2017Uncategorized0 comments

Sibbo Ventures has developed and deployed a Dashboard for Prebid Header Bidding

After a few months managing Prebid Implementation ( for several Publishers, Sibbo Ventures has developed and deployed a Dashboard for Prebid Header Bidding.

The Dashboard agregates the data from different SSPs integrated in Sibbo Header Bidding Solution (currently 9 top SSPs). Publishers using Sibbo Solution will be able to easily access and analyse the main SSPs parameters that are driving their urls monetisation. This solves one of the main headeaches of publishers when they have to access several SSPs to see how their Prebid Header Bidding implementation is monetising.

The Dashboard is daily updated and is connected to SSPs. It provides the activity by SSP, url, size and placement, through a graphic interface. The Publisher can select different time periods for analysis such as yesterday, moth to date, last month or any specific range. The metrics available are revenue, request, impressions, fill rate and cpms. The user can watch data on screen and export it to excel format (xlsx) or coma separated values (csv)

The solution is open and scalable and can be easily configured to add more SSPs if it is required.

New features are expected in future releases, like alerts, report programming, self-billing, etc.

Sibbo Ventures, gives one more step in democratise Header bidding and other solutions for Publishers that want to be independent and arrive in the programmatic world.