Sibbo Ventures joins DEV

by Apr 25, 2019Recent0 comments

Sibbo Ventures joins DEV, Spanish Association of Producers and Developers of Videogames and Entertainment Software, as partner. Thanks to this agreement, DEV partners will be able to learn and access first-hand programmatic monetization solutions in desktop, mobile, and in-app environments.

Moreover, in order to bring programmatic advertising closer to DEV members, Sibbo Ventures will participate in different seminars, webinars and events planned.

DEV represents companies and entities interests committed with the development of this sector and aim to advocate for  institutional recognition as a strategic, highly technological sector, new business models boost, employee generator and international exponent of our culture.

DEV represents the Spanish and international video game development companies based in Spain. The Association is also open to  companies that carry out their activity along the value chain of the videogame development sector, such as: training companies,  hardware and software sale, services provider, etc.

Sibbo Ventures is a consulting and outsourcing programmatic advertising provider, helping its clients to deliver a good performance in the programmatic environment with the best practices and tools.

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