Sibbo Ventures joined V Forum of Big Data & GDPR

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Sibbo Ventures joined V Forum of Data & GDPR organized by La Publicidad lastt 2th of April  2019.

Agustín Perez, Sibbo Ventures‘ CEO shared panel discussion with Jose María Rodríguez Millán, Head of Programmatic of Smartclip, Joaquín Fité Fisherman’s Operations Manager, Paula Ortiz, IAB Spain’s International Relations, Rodrigo Simancas, Equmedia’s Planning, Analytics, and Communication Manager; and Jose Antonio Martínez, Making Science’s CEO.

Moderated by Henry Velasquez, Global DPO Data Privacy if Publicis Groupe in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, different topics and challenges in the programmatic envoirement were discussed: advertisers, technologies, agencies and publishers GDPR adoption, IAB Framework implementation, the user as the owner and manager of its data… and more interesting topics.

Watch the full meeting, click the video V Forum of Data & GDPR.

Sibbo Ventures Spanish consultant company, offering optimization for publishers programmatic revenues in any device web, mobile and inapp. Sibbo advises and recommends clients  best sources and platforms to maximize their online advertising revenues.

Moreover, Sibbo CMP Solution offers adaptation to LOPD / GDPR regulations in desktop, mobile web and inapp. This flexible solution includes legal content scripts, to request different cookie consents , users consent storage (Sibbo CMP) and  user access to remove  or change cookie consent preferences.

SIBBO complies with the consent framework developed by the IAB and is registered as CMP (No. 76).