SIBBO VENTURES announces new partnership with Blaick for the Spanish market

by Oct 14, 2019highlight header

Sibbo Ventures announces strategic partnership with Blaick, antifraud Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ads Security technology provider for online advertising, in the Spanish market.

Sibbo has always worked for a safe environment in online programmatic advertising, reporting any fraudulent or misleading advertising through the successful collaborative initiative launched in March 2019

Knowing that and aware of publishers and networks issues to keep full control on programmatic advertising ads, Sibbo decided to join forces with Blaick, delivering Blaick´s last generation AI ads validation technology to Spanish market.

Blaick’s Ads Security technology main advantages are malicious and fraudulent ads detection, scanning and blocking in real time, AI technology based on machine learning, zero latency, simple implementation and improvement in ROI and user’s lifetime value.

In addition thanks to Blaick’s dashboard, publishers are now able to control and apply their branding policies to advertising content that should be blocked.

According to David Mail, Blaick’s founder and CEO: ”We are happy to work with Sibbo protecting Spanish customers from auto-redirects, malware, phishing and other malicious ads. Blaick delivers an unprecedent automated brand protection toolbox for digital Publishers and it only takes 2 minutes to deploy it.”

Agustín Perez, Sibbo Ventures founder: “This agreement with Blaick attends to publishers and networks need to control their advertising. Thanks to Blaick’s technology, based on AI, it’s possible to control and block illegal and fraudulent ads. In this way, publishers can protect their two biggest assets, their users and their advertisers. ”


About Blaick:

Blaick is an Israeli cybersecurity company with patented technology of Artificial Intelligence for prevention of online advertising fraud, avoiding unwanted advertising such as malware, forced redirects, illegal and inappropriate content. Main international clients are Galaxie Media, AdsCompass, AdMaven and more.


About Sibbo:

Sibbo Ventures is an independent company born in 2015 providing outsourcing and programmatic advertising tools for publishers and advertisers. Sibbo Ventures helps publishers and advertisers to optimize and maximize their efforts in the complex programmatic ecosystem.

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