Save time
and effort

Thanks to Sibbo Dashboard you will have a daily view of your income, just in one click! Analyze and compare performance by SSP, by media type, by format, and by date. Integrate all your advertising partners into a single report and make decisions efficiently. Data populated though our APIs connections with SSPs.

Sibbo Tools

SIBBO DASHBOARD offers a consolidated report of programmatic revenue for the publisher, providing a better control, management and optimization of its advertising revenues..

  • Control and transparency
  • Programmatic Global Vision
  • Ease decision making
  • Identify easily significant variations
  • Efficiency in data management
  • Unified currency reports
  • 1 report, 1 invoice, 1 collection
  • Transparency and inventory control
  • Report by SSP, date, media type, format

German Alvarez de Neyra,

“It is a pleasure to have a partnership with Sibbo Ventures. His team has the technical knowledge and experience necessary to carry out any challenge in​​advertising operations, adtech implementation, or advice on the programmatic ecosystem. Their service exceeds expectations widely, generating trust and excellent results.“

Alejandro Suárez, CEO

“SIBBO VENTURES support has been essential for the adserver migration and the Adx account implementation with all the guarantees that are needed in the programmatic environment, of which they are experts. We have felt completely supported by their experience and good work.”

Alfonso Villar, CEO PLAYSPACE

“The hiring of Sibbo was a step forward in increasing revenues and creating an online profitability structure. The result has been very positive, and has not meant a cost, but an economic benefit as well as dedicated resources.”

Marcelo Lewin.

“Online advertising has become increasingly complex
and requires deep technical and business knowledge to maximize its performance. In this sense,
Sibbo is a reliable partner that is allowing us to boost sales in a significant way.”