Sibbo Consent Platform launches CMP autoconfigurator tool

We have already become used to user consent windows (CMP), they are now more familiar… at first there were only a few websites, those that had advertising, those that were obliged to request consent from their users.

Today, all kinds of websites, apps, even connected television and more devices coming, are aware of the legal obligation resulting from privacy policies, the GDPR and the current TCF framework.

This consent window is part of the first screen to new users, therefore it is important to offer an attractivecustomizable and functional look&feel according to the publisher and device.

Sibbo, following its innovation strategy, has developed the CMP auto-configurator to make implementation easier for publishers.

Thanks to this tool, any website, app or TV has the freedom to easily configure the consent window by defining its colours, fonts, size, shape and position of the consent window.

In addition, there is the possibility of carrying out A/B tests to be able to check how design changes affect user behavior.

Sibbo Consent platform is available on different web devices, apps (Android,iOS), Smart TV and HbbTV and complies with the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework v2 and is registered as a CMP  (CPM Service, mobile and connected TV sections).

All this complemented with a statistics module that allows exhaustive monitoring of the key metrics regarding the acceptance of user consent.

In order to offer a tailored solution for each need, Sibbo has designed different plans every client:

SELF SERVICE: from €60 per month, focused on publishers looking for a simple and standard solution.

 SELF SERVICE PLUS: from €175 per month. Addressed to large publishers who wish to get involved in the CMP management and design.

PREMIUM: addressed to publishers who wish to delegate configuration and design to Sibbo team



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