Sibbo at Dmexco in Cologne

by Nov 1, 2016Advertising, DMEXCO0 comments

If you haven’t heard of Dmexco, you have missed out a lot.
Dmexco is a global business and innovation platform of the digital marketing. It is a meeting spot for inspired people, media professionals, marketers and inventive geniuses. If this is what you’re searching for, then do not miss it out, this year it is being held in Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. It is going to last two days, starting from the 14th till September 15th.

SibboVentures will be attending this amazing event, we will be researching for the newest trends in the advertising sphere, find out what new technologies came out this year and enhance our relationships with suppliers.

Last year, the event had over 43 thousand visitors, Dmexco broke their record and have effectively mastered the bridge leading to Digiconomy.
We cannot wait to see how many there will be this year. They provide brilliant ideas to others on growing and educates them with the newest trends every year. We are planning to get a grip of that as well, especially in the technology area, as we always bring the best to our publishers.

Last year at the event, we noticed that social platforms were trying to find ways to monetise, and retailers had to find their own path, and sure that we would see some development in that area this week.

At this year’s event, we are expecting richer understanding between marketing and technology. Ad- tech still doesn’t understand much about brand marketing that is why many sales presentations set their focus on technology features and road-maps, rather on brand benefits. For now, advertising and marketing haven’t still fully understand how technology actually works, as it is quite difficult. It is essential for every constituent to try harder, as they will do more business, and further accomplish solid results when they gather a better common understanding. Last but not least, we expect some publisher confidence.

People pretty much are in effect robbing content by using ad blockers. Obviously the ad experience can’t be too disturbing, specifically on mobile. Obviously the ad experience can’t be too disturbing, specifically on mobile. We sincerely hope to see more publishers showing confidence and making it clear to people that they have a choice of content plus advertising, or no content at all.

Another great part for the event itself is, is that companies and people from all around the world will be attending there, which gives us a great chance to meet new people. We are looking forward to see you there and hopefully create lasting connections between us.

Last year was huge, very successful and filled with insightful talks, we are eagerly looking forward for this year’s Dmexco in Cologne!