Tivify, the streaming TV platform that allows users to access an offer of more than 130 free channels, as well as making available an additional premium content offer with advanced functionalities, has relied on Sibbo CMP as its consent management solution.

Sibbo CMP solution provides users with all information related to user consent and the cookies used, in order to display ads in a personalized way according to the user navigation, complying with current regulations.

With Sibbo CMP implementation, Tivify users have access to information about the purposes for which the information is collected, the list of authorized advertising partners and their validation, as well as the cookie policy.

Since Tivify applications are available in different environments, Sibbo CMP has been implemented in desktop, mobile Android app, mobile iOS app, SMART Android TV and Fire TV.

For its part, Sibbo provides TVUP Media, the company that develops Tivify, a management and monitoring dashboard with different metrics to track requests to the CMP by date, device…, as well as the acceptance rate.

Sibbo Consent Platfom solution is customizable, registered and validated by IAB Europe and complies with the TCF2 regulation (Transparency and Consent Framework v2)

SIBBO, an independent company founded in 2015, offers programmatic solutions in a transparent way, advising its clients on “best practices” and providing them with the latest advances in privacy with its CMP and in online profitability with its Header bidding product.

Sibbo CMP has been at the forefront as a benchmark CMP in Smart TV and HBBTV, with first-rate clients.

According to Francisco Sáez, ExecutiveTechnology Director at TVUP Media:

Sibbo CMP provides us with a proven turnkey solution ideal for implementing our business models quickly and securely“.


Tivify, TV streaming platform,  has relied on Sibbo CMP as consent management solution in desktop, app (Android,iOS), SMART Android TV and Fire TV.