Playspace was born in the Hispanic and Portuguese speaking markets, was founded in 2011. It has more than 15 local games such as the Parchís, Domino, Chinchón, or Bingo. It has around 200,000 daily active users (DAU), more of 1 million monthly active users (Monthly Active Users – MAU) and more than 15 million registered users worldwide. Sibbo provides a complete advertising management service, working as if it were part of the Playspace team despite being an external team. Sibbo Ventures has achieved two significant milestones. On the one hand, it has increased Playspace’s advertising revenues by more than 50%. It has also made it possible to professionalize this area of the company and to release Playspace managers, so that they can focus their efforts on the development of the Company. Sibbo Ventures performs daily tasks prospecting, implementing tracking and optimising new partners and campaigns.

According to Alfonso Villar, CEO and founder of Playspace, “the hiring of Sibbo was a step forward in increasing revenues and creating an online profitability structure. The result has been very positive, and not a cost, but a benefit both economic and dedicated resources”


Playspace, Publisher that has developed and published social multiplayer and multi-platform games that can be played on desktop, on Facebook platform and on mobile through both IOS and Android applications.