It has more than 20 million users, 40 million sessions and 100 million monthly page views. Present in more than 20 countries, offering weather prediction for free on desktop, mobile web or through the app on IOS or Android.

Sibbo Ventures carries out a Strategic Consulting work delineating the lines for present and future monetization, looking for new forms of monetization. Sibbo Ventures also provides more operational marketing consulting and outsourcing, consisting of the monitoring and optimization of the current partners, and the testing and launch of new partners. In addition Sibbo Ventures brings to Alpred its own Header Bidding tools that allow to increase the competition, and improve global fill rates and cpms, and licensed Google’s ADX optimization tools.


Alpred offers online meteorological information services through different portals. The most outstanding are,,,,,,, … up to 25 portals around the globe.