Platform161 trusts Sibbo Ventures to represent its activities in Spain

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Sibbo Ventures has announced an agreement to represent Platform161’s activities in the Spanish market, opening a new line of business.

Until 2018, Sibbo focused its strategy on helping publishers in the field of programmatic advertising. This year, with the opening of this new activity, and thanks to the agreement with Platform161, Sibbo  will start offering consulting and programmatic support to direct advertisers and agencies.

With  this agreement, Sibbo expands its strategy of offering its customers relevant technologies in the advertising market.

According to Marco Kloots, CEO and Co-Founder of Platform161: “We are very excited about this agreement, we consider Sibbo Ventures has a lot of knowledge of the programmatic market in Spain. More and more advertisers and agencies perceive that there is no single solution for everyone. Differentiation and adaptability are the key in such a competitive and changing market ”

According to Agustín Pérez, CEO and Co-founder of Sibbo Ventures. “The flexibility, transparency and the possibilities of adapting to the specific needs of each Platform161 client together with the experience of Sibbo Ventures in the programmatic field will suppose added value in the programmatic purchase of agencies and direct advertisers”

About Sibbo Ventures:

Sibbo Ventures is a consulting and outsourcing provider in programmatic advertising, helping its clients to start and maintain a good performance in the programmatic environment with the best practices and tools.


About Platform161

Platform161 is a leading provider of programmatic advertising in Europe. A DSP with modular, independent and customizable configuration to meet  constantly evolving needs of independent agencies and direct client,an important competitive advantage in the digital advertising market

The Platform161 team offers innovative solutions based on customers specific needs at a competitive price.Visit for more information.