Protect your brand and users from improper content!

Stop fraudulent ads on your website with Blaick, realtime anti-fraud technology for publishers, adnetworks, and technology platforms.

How we do it?

The growth of programmatic advertising, traffic sources diversity (SSPs, Adexchanges) and the automation of programmatic media buying has brought advertisers promoting online scams that are increasingly complex and difficult to detect. Malware companies, autoredirects, scams such as technical support fraud and millions of unwanted (PUP) programs promote online advertising to force the user to install on PCs and mobiles.

Blaick, AI-based technology, scans hundreds of millions of ads a day and clasity them according to multiple categories, allowing you to select only the ads that are acceptable to your users.

Advantages about Black’s solution

  • Scans and blocks in real time fraudulent, malicious, and inappropriate advertisements.
  • Last generation technology.
  • Greater control: Brand Safety and Adquality.
  • Improves relevance of your ads: increases ROI and users’ LTV.
  • Zero latency solution in RTB and waterfalls.
  • AI solution based on Machine Learning.
  • Available for web, mobile and apps.
  • Scalability: possibility of handling millions of impressions/per day.
  • Solutions for publishers and networks.
  • Interface for monitoring and controlling categories and blocked ads.
  • Flexibility: able to define “adhoc” categories to block.

Easy and flexible integration

Real time implementation adding two lines of JavaScript to the website.

Intermediaries and Adnetworks: Easy way to call API

Integration available with existing systems.

Your users are first…fight the fraud!

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