Source: Adomik MarketWatch


  • The Market keeps growing both in programmatic channels (17.9%) and in private deals (+34%), but different mechanisms are at play. Programmatic channels growth is largely due to the increase in CPMs, while PMP increases are due to the increase in impressions.
  • Due to an increased competition in the last quarter of the year, CPMs grew significantly.
  • Buyers bought more in PMP than in Open Auction, so we see the PMP share of voice vs. Open Auction increase in all markets.




Source: Adomik MarketWatch 


  • Agency trading desks are driving the highest CPMs compared to independent players, so if you want to capture the highest CPMs, your sales efforts should concentrate on them.
  • All buyers bought at a higher CPM in November, in line with the market trend seen above.


As you know December will drive the highest CPMs. If you want to beat the competition and get the best from your inventory, the holistic yield management concept becomes more crucial. That’s why we’ve put together a guide about Holistic Yield Management: A Primer on Managing Yield Across the Stack to make sure to capture opportunities like these above.


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