HR Outsourcing

Sibbo Ventures provides outsourcing services in specialised digital profiles needed for online advertising. Outsourcing services can be provided in house or with remote support. Some of the most common profiles are traffickers, traders, media buyers, account managers, etc.


The qualified Sibbo team makes outsouring tasks such as:

Request and screening of proposals, online advertising supplier implementation, management and follow up

Set up of side sourcing platforms (SSPs), floor price and RTB rules optimisation

Campaign implementation, optimisation and follow up.

Preparation of sales kits for SSPs such as Google Adexchange ( Google Adx). Presentation of sales kit to the main tradind desks (Affiperf, Xaxis, AOD, Targetopia).

Adserver set up and parametrisation.

Webpage Tagging

In Sibbo we give guidelines to improve the profitability of online advertising but also we go down to the sand, and we implement solutions of outsourcing of digital marketing. We sat next to Publisher as if we were part of his team. We know that it is difficult to have these profiles, keep them trained and occupied at 100%, so we believe in outsourcing marketing.

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