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Sibbo CMP: Comply with the new directive

Header Bidding.

Sibbo’s 3-in-1 solution

Sibbo is an independent company founded in 2015 offering programmatic advertising solutions to publishers, agencies and advertisers.
Developing different business areas to ensure our clients to optimize and maximize its efforts in a complex programmatic ecosystem.

Consultancy for advertisers and agencies.

To achieve clients’ needs, Sibbo commercializes different,owned or operated, programmatic technologies. Personalized service, flexibility and close work with clients makes outsourcing a true internal resource.


Consultancy for publishers.

Maximize your programmatic revenues. We are experts in programmatic web, mobile and inapp monetization. Developing the best strategy to speed up advertising revenues to achieve each publisher goals.



Sibbo Tools

Sibbo continuously researches last trends in online advertising . We share with our clients our knowledge, tools and bets practises to monetize your advertising inventory. Moreover, we have a qualified and experienced team with extensive experience in the programmatic environment. Our focus is based on implementing and manage technologies and online advertising systems: Adservers, SSPs, DSPs, Header Bidding…

We have designed and developed the following tools:





Germán Alvarez de Neyra, Sales Director eldiario.es

“It is a pleasure to have a partnership with Sibbo. His team has the technical knowledge and experience necessary to carry out any challenge in​​advertising operations, adtech implementation, or advice on the programmatic ecosystem. Their service exceeds expectations widely, generating trust and excellent results“.

Alejandro Suárez, CEO de merca2.es

“Sibbo support has been essential for the adserver migration and the Adx account implementation with all  guarantees needed in the programmatic environment, of which they are experts. We have felt completely supported by their experience and good work”.

Alfonso Villar, CEO PLAYSPACE

“Sibbo support has been essential for the adserver migration and the Adx account implementation with all  guarantees needed in the programmatic environment, of which they are experts. We have felt completely supported by their experience and good work”.

Susana Cortés Martínez Business Development Director Castilla-La Mancha Media

“Sibbo support us to leap into programmatic advertising, and also with the GDPR regulations integration. This partnership allowed us to proceed reliably and quickly in our plan for a digital transformation“.

Francisco Javier López Martínez. CEO. Alpred S.L.

“The training, offered by Sibbo in our offices, was really interesting for the team. Practical content, advertising tools and the adaptation to our needs made it a great progress for the team”.

Marcelo Lewin, director Todopapas.com

“Online advertising has become increasingly complex and requires deep technical and business knowledge to maximize its performance. In this sense, Sibbo is a reliable partner that is allowing us to boost sales in a significant way.”

Susana Cortés Martínez Business Development Manager Castilla-La Mancha Media

“Sibbo has trained our teams in a very informative way to undertake new lines of work and revenue generation in digital environments. We still have a lot to learn, but this collaboration has allowed us to establish solid bases on which to build our new lines of revenues”.

Albert Terradas CEO ELNacional.cat

“Sibbo contributed in a notorious and excellent way to the migration of the advertising server, as well as to the implementation of the prebid.js solution, demonstrating great skills to manage a wide variety of tasks, with a team of magnificent professionals who were able to carry the process in the foreseen times and without incidents, I only have words of gratitude for his undoubted professionalism and flexibility on a day-to-day basis.

Without a doubt, Sibbo is a guarantee of success and confidence“.

Mario Torija CEO and founder de PROGRAMMATIC SPAIN

“For us it was very important to have a powerful CMP solution that was totally reliable and in accordance with IAB standards. Sibbo solution certainly is a much better solution, than free options, with better consent rates and more customization options“.

Estadio Deportivo

“Using header bidding, we have obtained a connection with the main SSPs, diversifying our advertising revenue and giving the possibility of optimizing prices in real time. Highlight Sibbo’s team work in the implementation and the support offering us everything related to programmatic advertising”.

Jorge Castillo, Responsable Digital Newix Media

“It has been a pleasure to have the professionalism of Sibbo and to continue growing with a business plan that will serve as a guide within the roadmap that we already had established and that will also mean taking a further step for the Televisiones Autonómicas within the digital ecosystem and programmatic”.


Case studies


Online weather information through different portals.


Server Migration, Google ADX, and Prebid Enterprise


Consulting, adserver migration & header bidding implementation