Consent Management Platform (CMP)

available for desktop, web móvil, in APP Android, in APP IOS,  AMP, Smart TV (Android TV, LG /Web OS, Samsung/Tizen, Amazon Fire Stick, HBBTV)

Sibbo Tools

SIBBO VENTURES has developed a Consent Management Platform (CMP) in order to help advertisers and publishers adapt to the obligations arising from GDPR regulations

SIBBO complies with the  Transparency and Consent  Framework developed by the IAB and is registered  CMP: 

solution includes

Consultation about GDPR compliance

Complete solution and simple implementation according to IAB requirements

Legal texts in accordance with new regulations

Implementation of personalized consent interface according to the IAB standard in web, mobile and inapp environments.

Integration of external partners not present in the IAB framework

User consent data storage providing access to each of the users in the CMP (Consent Management Platform)

Local customer support team

Who is affected?

All companies, regardless of their country of origin or activity, if they collect, store, treat, use or manage some type of data of the citizens of the European Union.

What is it
a personal data?

Any information related to a person that can be used to identify it directly or indirectly. Cookies, Smart TV and apps IDs are considered personal data.

What rights does
the user have?

Rights, such as forgetting, the right to portability and access to your data.

How should consent be?

Unambiguous, clear and distinguishable from other matters. Companies will have to show their conditions in an intelligible and easily accessible way, using clear and simple language.

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